Tenerife Isla Sur Lions Club
About Tenerife Isla Sur Lions Club
Based in the south of the island the club's membership is made up of British ex-patriots living in Tenerife along with others from India, Poland and Nigeria who together bring a wealth of experience and skills to the club.
There is also have a band of volunteers who are as intrinsic to the club as its members  and share the same commitment to serve.
Founded in 1985 by a small group of  both active and retired business men to serve the local community and beyond by raising funds for their needs. It was constituted as part of the worldwide Lions Clubs organisation and is run in accordance with their club guidelines and structure.....More about Lions Clubs International.
The club although initially an all male affair quickly welcomed women into membership where they continue to enjoy a significant role in the club’s activities and governance.
Now more than thirty years on, the club's experience and credentials in Tenerife have long been established and recognised by many through its community service and assistance.
Although affiliated to Lions Clubs International, Lions Club Tenerife Isla Sur is none the less an autonomous club, as are all Lions clubs are, and therefore we are able to organise and raise funds for our own local projects and community service needs.
The vast majority of our funds are raised through our Charity shops (see the Section titled Tenerife Isla Sur Charity Shops for full details) in Los Cristianos and Costa del Silencio. The goods sold in our shops are all from public donation and the shops are staffed by unpaid volunteers. We also receive donations from companies and the general public.
Projects and Programmes
Many clubs also work together on key projects, mutually supporting each other on a local, national and international basis. Tenerife Isla Sur club is no exception to this, being twinned with the Warsaw Arka Lions Club we have undertaken  a number of projects with them in supporting both Canarian and Polish children.
However, it is within their own communities that the individual Clubs are best known through their on-going projects and help for local people.
Many of the local orphanages and homes and centres for disabled or disadvantage children and adults receive help and support from us. Whether it be funding vital equipment, refurbishing premises, providing clothing and food, funding additional specialist staff or providing respite and annual holidays we provide help and support wherever it is needed.
Through our "Dream Holidays" programme we also provide holidays here in Tenerife for disabled or disadvantaged children and their carers from the United Kingdom and Poland and similarly holidays  in mainland Spain for disabled or disadvantaged children from Tenerife.
For many these are the first or only holidays they have had, but more than that they have brought about positive life-skill improvements and independence. Equally they have also served to give the other family members a respite from the day to day routines of caring for these children.
In recent years we have established our "University Scholarship Award" programme for local children from the South of Tenerife who, although academically very bright, would not have been able to afford to go to university.
We also support local children’s sports clubs with the purchase of equipment, where funds have not been available to buy these items especially though the periods of financial crisis.
 We promote and fund testing for Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis and other medical testing services within the community utilising the co-operation of the appropriate medical clinics.
As part of the Lions International "Sight First" campaign we collect unwanted spectacles donated by local opticians and via our shops for refurbishment and distribution to poorer countries via Lions "Sight First" campaign teams.
 We also help fund the Mercy Ships vessel the "Africa Mercy" which provide vital medical support and operations in West Africa – especially on such life changing operations to rectify facial and limb deformities (which result in the individual being ostracised in their community) as well as cataract operations to restore sight.
We work closely with local government and town councils in many situations as we can respond very quickly to emergencies and other needs without the delays of bureaucracy.
We also work with the Courts on the implementation of Community Service Orders.
Finally, we work closely with the British Consulate on the many areas of emergency and individual support for holidaymakers and ex-pats alike.
We can’t list everything we do here but this should give you a flavour of the scope and variety of our work and how we spend the monies we raise.
For up-to-date information on the Tenerife Isla Sur Club’s activities, visit our Facebook Page: “Lions Club, Tenerife Isla Sur”


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